giovedì 5 maggio 2011

Apparatjik in concerto a Mosca 13 maggio 2011

Da qualche tempo circolava la voce di un possibile concerto degli Apparatjik in Russia e, grazie alla preziosissima collaborazione di Rusalka, è divenuta una notizia confermata.
Gli Apparatjik saranno impegnati il prossimo 13 Maggio in un concerto a Mosca. Per poter partecipare all'evento è necessario compilare un form presente sul sito Strelka ed attendere la conferma, a disposizione ci sono 200 inviti validi ciascuno per una coppia di persone.
E' prevista inoltre una collaborazione tra musicisti ed artisti russi per la progettazione e realizzazione di una nuova installazione interattiva che vedrà il connubio tra la creatività degli Apparatjik e il contesto russo, tale realizzazione verrà presentata il prossimo autunno allo Yota Space di San Pietroburgo.

Maggiori informazioni sull'evento moscovita possono essere reperite in inglese al seguente link: Summer at Strelka Opening: The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator

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 Video dal canale YouTube di YotaSPACE

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Estratto da intervista a Martin Terefe del 02.06.2011 a cura di Encore LINK

During this past year, there’s been a lot of Apparatchik activity.

We recently did a big exhibition at the National Gallery in Berlin. That was a pretty major art event that probably was a month for us in time (to prepare).

[Apparatjik was invited by the Nationalgalerie Berlin to present the collective's first large-scale project in March 13-17, 2011. The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator was presented as a twofold project: During two weeks the installation could be accessed in the glass hall of the Neue Nationalgalerie; and three concerts were performed at the same location. The project concluded on March 27 with an interactive composition performed in collaboration with the Deutsches Kammerorchester.]

You four have considerable freedom to work.

We don’t have time for a side project, and we don’t have time to tour, but we are enjoying this creative process. There’s no one telling us what to do. It is totally a playground. In music production, and writing a-ha are legends here, and in Europe; and Coldplay is doing pretty well; and so is Mew. I think that we all feel that this project is just for our own satisfaction. And, it seems that we’ve managed to create something that people feel is imaginative. We still don’t know what it is going to become. It seems like it’s more of a cross-genre platform. We collaborate with all of these crazy people.

Earlier this month (May), we did a performance in Moscow that is leading up to an installation in St. Petersburg in October. Right now, we are trying to get Russian mathematicians and players to compose music by playing chess. That’s what we are working on now.

Did you miss playing live? Is that why you have been doing Apparatjik?

Well, sometimes I do miss playing live, but no. I play so much in the studio. I really love what I do. Like most things in my life, this (project) stemmed from another idea. (In 2008) I was doing a charity album for Survival International to raise money for their work in raising awareness for tribal people around the world so that they can protect their lands. There were a lot of people involved with that record like KT (Tunstall), Yusuf (Islam), and some Americans like Jason Mraz, and (of the Black Eyed Peas). There were a bunch of people on that record that I knew from different places.

I wanted to ask a-ha and Coldplay to contribute, but they were both on tour. It so happened that Mags and Guy, who are friends, and I, were in Copenhagen, and Mags had just met Jonas from Mew from a gig in Russia. So we ended up in Copenhagen one night, and we did this song ("Ferreting") for the charity album.

Then we ended up making a record together (“We Are Here” released in 2010) and making films together. Then it turned into an art project. Magne is a visual artist. He has had a career during all of his a-ha career (as a successful visual artist under the name Magne F). We also got Ute Meta Bauer involved. (Bauer is associate professor and director of the Visual Arts Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts).

[“Bruce Parry Presents Amazon - Tribe - Songs for Survival” is a double album released by Kensaltown Records in 2008. The album was released in support of Survival International, the human rights organization for tribal peoples. The themes of the album are life around the Amazon River and other remote tribal areas—topics covered in Bruce Parry’s BBC 2 television series “Tribe and Amazon." All of the music on the album is exclusive, and was written for the project.]